Eagle Claw Kung Fu Assoc/Maidenhead Kung Fu

Eagle Claw Kung Fu Assoc/Maidenhead Kung Fu

Eagle Claw Kung Fu Assoc/Maidenhead Kung Fu

1st Floor
78 Portlock Road
Contact Name
Sophie Marie Glover
01628 780743


Sports/Activities Offered
Exercise Referral, Heart Smart, Kung Fu, Mental Health and 3 others.
Town / City
Genders catered for

Eagle Claw Kung Fu School offers a unique and exciting centre of excellence within the martial arts community. Unlike any otherschool in the area, open 6 days a week with 2,000 square feet of training area and fully equipped with the same look and feel of anauthentic Chinese Kung Fu school right out of Hong Kong or China. Therereally is no better place to learn the essence of Chinese Kung Fu.

Our school offers tuition in the following areas:

*Traditional Chinese Eagle Claw Kung Fu

*Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gung

*Self Defence and Personal Attack Training

*Kung Fu Kombat Training

*Kids Kung Fu

*Lion Dance and Martial Arts Demo Team

We also offer Natural Health Therapies.

The instructors at our school have trained and travelled in HongKong and China, and continue their studies with leading Grandmasters and Masters of Chinese Martial Arts. Dedicated to passing on the essence of real Chinese Kung Fu to people of all ages and abilities.

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19 19th February, 2019
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